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3400 Bloomington Ave
Minneapolis, MN  55407
(612) 724-1079
Glad Creations, Inc. Quilt Block
Where it all Began

Our story began even before we had a brick and mortar quilt shop. Gladys Raschka started a cottage business called Glad Creations making custom appliqué purses in 1971. Her basement was a busy place – making purses and greeting customers. As the  years went on, all this activity began to ourgrow her home. Meanwhile, Gladys’ daughter, Nancy Raschka graduated from college and developed an interest in quilting. In 1976 Gladys & Nancy decided to combine their interests and opened a quilt shop that could also handle taking orders and delivering Gladys' handmade purses – and so Glad Creations, Inc. Quilt Block came into being. In 1980, Susan Dyer (daughter of Gladys, sister of Nancy) joined the team. 

Today Glad Creations is a thriving quilt shop – still in its original location. We offer many classes on traditional quilting techniques as well as newer innovations. We take pride in our customer service and strive to help quilters of all levels achieve their goals.

In 1985 Susan and Nancy began designing quilt patterns for classes in the shop. These patterns are now sold in quilt shops across the country.