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Shoo Fly

Shoo Fly
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66" x 86" or 90" x 110"

The quilt shown in the picture is the smaller quilt. The large quilt has the same center with additional checkerboard and piano key borders. The quilt uses an assortment of 12 Dark prints (5/8 yard each for small quilt and 7/8 yard each for large quilt) and 12 Light prints (1/2 yard each for either small or large size). Remember that Dark is relative. Your Dark prints could be pastels or brights! They just need to contrast well with your Light print selection. You can select the Dark prints from 3 or 4 color families if you wish, staying fairly close in value. Another fun possibility would be to select a variety of prints of the same color, varying the scale and visual texture. In addition you will need 1 yard for binding. Weíve also included instructions for cutting from your stash. 2" half square triangle paper is recommended.